Around the world in a lot of days!
Travelling back through history
So I...
…in the cold and dark
…Why suffer?
Letters from... around the world
It’s not a trip but a need!
The day Vitus Bering beat John Wayne
The hunt
The ecstasy of a consumer and the Eskimo Syndrome
The suitcase
Tell me, what time does the sun set?
8 x 5
Why the sponsor?

It’s not a trip but a need!

As a rule – at least as far as I am concerned – there is no rational explanation or rule as to how and why a trip originates or should arise.
The clips from a documentary… a book… a story… a poem… a picture… and suddenly we feel that irrepressible desire to leave, see new landscapes, investigate if reality is all you imagined. Always striving to be a wayfarer and never a tourist, and travelling above all with your heart and mind.