Around the world in a lot of days!
Travelling back through history
So I...
…in the cold and dark
…Why suffer?
Letters from... around the world
It’s not a trip but a need!
The day Vitus Bering beat John Wayne
The hunt
The ecstasy of a consumer and the Eskimo Syndrome
The suitcase
Tell me, what time does the sun set?
8 x 5
Why the sponsor?

Letters from... around the world

On the road, I will write letters or have someone write them for me – this will be a surprise – to send to my friends. Since I have only a few friends by choice, I will also tell my story to those who left me too soon. I will recount or have recounted “my” or “their” cities, the ones hidden from tourists’ eyes. I will describe my stories and my encounters. The result will not be a guidebook, but the index of that almanac of memories we unconsciously take home from a trip and, after closing our eyes, silently peruse before falling asleep.