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... in the cold and dark

I have deliberately chosen a particular time of year, perhaps because I think that certain places are tied to certain seasons. When we think of Siberia, we associate it with cold weather; the same holds true for Alaska, North America and Iceland. And the cold that will accompany me will go hand in hand with the endless nights that will cloak my journey.
What kind of life do they lead in those places with frigid temperatures and, in some cases, just two hours of daylight?
Is the Great Wall of China just as beautiful covered with snow as it is with peach blossoms?
All the guidebooks I have consulted (from the most famous to the most obscure) talk about the places I have mentioned as if they existed only from May to September. I have seen hundreds of photographs, read travel diaries and visited an endless array of websites, but it seems that tourists and visitors alike constantly seek warmth.