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So I...
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So I...

...will embark on a “solo journey” travelling the routes of Admiral Bering, Marco Polo, Lewis and Clark, and Leif Eriksson, with a few additions and several detours.
Therefore, on 10 January 2007 I will set out on my trip around the world, which will take me from Rome to Copenhagen. I will cross Russia by train to Mongolia and then Beijing. Taking the world’s tallest railway line, I will go to Lhasa, Tibet. From Lhasa I will return to Beijing to reach the northernmost part of the Kamchatka Peninsula via Vladivostok. I still don’t know how or where I will enter the United States. I will stop in Anchorage and then take a ship to Juneau, on the Gulf of Alaska, travelling the Inside Passage. I will pass through Vancouver and, from there, go to Seattle.
By car – stopping according to the weather, curiosity and more – I plan to go to Chicago, in order to cross Lake Michigan and then head to Halifax, Nova Scotia. From Halifax or some other Canadian port or airport, I will travel to Iceland via Greenland. From Iceland, I will sail to Denmark, and I plan to be back in Rome by the end of April.
Knowing me, however, I won’t be able to tell you my actual route until I get home.