Around the world in a lot of days!
Travelling back through history
So I...
…in the cold and dark
…Why suffer?
Letters from... around the world
It’s not a trip but a need!
The day Vitus Bering beat John Wayne
The hunt
The ecstasy of a consumer and the Eskimo Syndrome
The suitcase
Tell me, what time does the sun set?
8 x 5
Why the sponsor?

Why the sponsor?

The first, honest answer to this question is simple: envy!
Enviously, countless times I have seen documentaries with unlikely ladies and gentlemen cavorting about the world, swathed in tunics covered with colourful logos as if they were Formula One race cars. I leave it to others to judge how authentic these adventure trips – complete with a film troupe – might be. But a sponsor does give an idea visibility. It transforms a journey into an event, and an account into a story.
Since I am presumptuous enough to think that my journey will be an unquestionably original challenge, I wanted to add this additional “challenge within the challenge”.