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Around the world in a lot of days!
In January I will embark on “a trip around the world”. It is not my first, and I have no intention of stopping. But this journey is different from the others, perhaps because trips are like love affairs: the last one is the most important. It is the only one that counts.
This allegedly unique aspect is what has allowed me to overcome a natural reluctance arising my overwhelming fear of being “commonplace” and even recounting it “online”.
In Around the World in Eighty Days Julius Verne moved his heroes about with every means of transport, in a race against time. I, on the other hand, have no intention of hurrying. I will try to move about with whatever means most of the residents of that specific area use to get from place to place. I don’t want to be consumed by the anxiety of getting there, but solely by the calmness of seeing, seeking and understanding. I will use trains, planes, ships, ferries, icebreakers, buses, cars and, if necessary, even sleds.
I am watching this world change so fast that we don’t even have enough time to take notes. I am watching this world hurry past along with its inhabitants, who have lost their taste for walking and may even have forgotten how to head slowly into dawns and sunsets.
For practical reasons, I will wear a watch, but my time will be measured by sand falling through an hourglass. And so it will simply be “Around the world in… a lot of days”. How many? I don’t know and, quite honestly, I don’t care.

Francesco de Marzio