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Copenaghen: Wonderful?

Copenhagen, 11 January 2007

Dear Marina,
All in all, the much-touted Tivoli Park is little more than a provincial amusement park, and even the statue of the Little Mermaid clinging to that perpetually wet rock is decidedly melancholy. My Spanish friend Costa (we’ll meet up later), who has lived in Denmark since he was a boy, makes little effort to claim anything to the contrary – with the exception of Carlsberg, Lego (though it has now moved to China) and the Opera House. As to the Opera House, for some mysterious reason he has pointed out that the marble comes from Nigeria rather than Italy. In any case, he says that we can only blame Danny Kay and his film/operetta.



Copenhagen, 13 January 2007

Dear Mrs De Marzio,

I apologise for writing to you. For someone like me, however, for whom the years that have elapsed presumably exceed those to come, solitude is never pleasant, and sometimes even writing to a stranger helps you feel a little less forgotten by the indifference of our times. Therefore, I apologise for my effrontery and I ask that you indulge me by reading this letter.
I send my fondest regards and am grateful to you for taking the time to read my letter.

H. C. Andersen