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Lhasa, 10 February 2007

To: Shapiro Film Studio International

I must confess that all this merely made me identify more intensely with the role of the persecuted monk who secretly returned to his country. And I faced those careful checks by the Lhasa customs officers patiently and meekly, whereas – just a few days earlier – if the restaurant waitress were slow bringing me the hamburger I’d ordered, or if it weren’t cooked the way I’d asked, or if the leaf of lettuce were too little, the onion too raw, or the coffee too cold, I’d have started shouting like a madman. Then, when I entered the hotel and a girl put a white synthetic scarf around my neck and bowed quickly, her hands folded, I finally became a monk. The cold room where I stayed immediately seemed luxurious, and when I opened the mini-bar and found it empty, a masochistic shiver of pleasure ran down my back. ...
I will leave this letter with the concierge at the hotel where your crew is filming scenes for the film The Heroes of Lhasa, which seems to be the story of the handful of Chinese soldiers who were clubbed to death by the population during the invasion of Tibet.
My address is listed below. Please alert the United States authorities of my status and condition.

Edward Bryan
Ciumpexin Monastery
North District
Lhasa, Tibet


Washington D. C. 13 February 2007

Att: Edward Bryan
Ciumpexin Monastery
North District
Lhasa, Tibet
We are unaware of the reasons you left the country and have resided in Tibet since January 2000. Regardless of your religious motivations...

Yours respectfully, Anthony Rosenberg

... And this is why he always carries with him – well concealed – two of the works censored in Tibet: Happy Times and Rudyard Kipling’s Kim.
I anxiously await the arrival of the tourist season every year.