I really wanted to go to Africa
West of St Louis
It was September just yesterday



Here ... where “dogs are yellow and the fish jump”

 St Louis, Missouri – 16 September 2008

Dear Giuseppe,
During our most recent encounters, which were always too brief for me, we talked about my second trip “around the world” and about Your America, where you have lived and worked for so long. About New York, a place to which you often travel on publishing business but that – as you confessed to me – always makes you feel like you’re on vacation. And after we spoke and exchanged ideas, you said to me:

 Write about America as if you were telling someone like me, who knows this country so well, about new and different things

Well, this was the cynical world of the “high-speed” communications of yore that we sometimes forget ever existed. 
But getting back to us and the present, a good St. Louis resident – regardless of whether his ancestors are African, Latino or European – must be Methodist and a Cardinals fan. To be honest, I can’t tell you which of the two is more important, but if you compare the crowds of the faithful to the turnout of baseball fans, I would venture to say that the Cardinals are unmatched.

But here and nowhere else, if you walk along the banks of the “river” on any summer day, you’ll see yellow dogs that, unfazed, stop to observe jumping fish.
Don’t be afraid to come here at the wrong time ... the summer blues lasts all year long in St Louis.

In friendship,

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