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Leaps in the Wind

Kearney, Nebraska – 27 September 2008

My dear grandson Leaps in the Wind,

I know you’re pleased to be called by the Indian name your parents chose, rather than that all-too-common name of Daniel by which you were baptized. I apologize that, over the past few months, I have been unable to keep up the regular correspondence we’ve established since you’ve been serving at the military base in Baden-Baden, Germany. But between closing the store, inventorying the stock, cancelling incoming goods, and handling the bank, lawyer, taxes and the stack of papers it takes to get a pension, believe me: I haven’t had a moment of free time.
All this will finally be finished tomorrow, which means I can go to the post office and leisurely wait in line so I can send you this last letter from Kearney. As I wrote previously, I’m going back to Atkinson, in the northern part of Holt County. I couldn’t live anywhere else but Nebraska. I know everything here, and even if Atkinson is just a handful of houses, with just one store/post office/café, I was born and raised here, and this is where we lived until I dragged you all to Kearney, where I bought the sporting goods store.

Grandpa, but were we really that stupid? Grandpa, but were we not only stupid but really bad?  Grandpa, but in addition to being stupid and bad were we really that cowardly?

I can’t wait to see you. Let me know when you’re coming: Sioux Falls isn’t exactly around the corner.
A big hug,

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