I really wanted to go to Africa
West of St Louis
It was September just yesterday




Carson City, Nevada – 29 October 2008

Dear Annie,
I honestly think you’ll never change, and I’ve resigned myself to your constant complaints “about what you’ve done – what you should have done – my behavior towards you” and so much more that I get bored just talking about it.
Simply because we unfortunately became partners years ago, it doesn’t mean that our rapport can’t be dissolved. Therefore, whenever you want, come here to Carson City. It will take only a few signatures at the bank and then at the office of Attorney Shapiro, and in the space of a morning we’ll be free to go our separate ways once and for all. Believe me, I’ll be happy to get rid of someone who’s never happy and whose quirks have affected my finances in ways that are totally unacceptable.
I acknowledge that it was your idea to open this whorehouse along the California-Oregon border, taking advantage of the tax breaks offered by the permissive state of Nevada. Just like it was your idea to expand it. I’ve always been fairly sure of how you managed to convince the bank manager to give us that loan, but out of tact – and, honestly, out of self-interest – I avoided asking you, although I always advised you to never to “mix work with business

But chin up! I’ll give you the gas money and you’ll be good company for each other in Ely. I can already picture you at the cash register of the café-restaurant, with Ron going around telling his tall tales and the Indian woman chanting prayers and litanies. And maybe Ron’s wife is back at the ranch, because as far as I know she hasn’t taken “the big step”.
Without resentment or affection, but only indifference, greetings from your onetime friend,

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