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Butte, Montana – 10 October 2008

Dear Senator,

I listened carefully to your speech about the emergency plan for the financial crisis that is also affecting the United States – and I would like to emphasize the word “also” – and the reasons I have decided to vote against this plan. As the owner and president of the Northern Investment Bank, I am qualified to clarify certain aspects that may have escaped you, and as an American citizen I have the right to send you this letter expressing my utter disapproval of such an extraordinarily narrow-minded operation that is weak in terms of content, superficial in its reasoning, false in its assertions and offensive towards an entire class of our fellow citizens.
In that pompous and redundant style of yours, filled with allusions to your own particular view of the story, you said:

But these are just rumors, the rumors of simple people, mountain people who tend to exaggerate things and turn a polecat into an elk. What could they possibly understand about politics and what means one must use to convince a colleague from the other party to vote for the apportionment plan you so disinterestedly backed? After all, what can those people possibly understand about the subtle art of politics, in which what is impossible on Friday becomes necessary on Monday?

I’ve explained far more than you deserve.
Roger Sraghiet

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